Monday, October 17, 2016

September 19, 2016

If I could give you any advice that I have learned so far it is that we really cannot stress about things that cannot be controlled. We can stress and try our best with all the things under our power but the moment that we stress because the weather stinks we are going to have a bad time. It is not and will never be under our control. Something that I have been doing if I am stressed or sad about things that I can't fix is to just conquer something that I can. Like if one of our investigators just stopped listening and I am sad, I will like clean the bathroom. It is something that I can control and I will make it how I want it. Helps me idk and then things are somehow clean jajaja. So it is an idea, stressed about work? Clean out the junk drawer. That has helped me a ton and keeps my mind busy on other things. I also look in the Book of Mormon when I just can't control things, it really has a calming spirit and in those moments is when God can really talk to us and give us "ideas" that help so yeah! 

I am seriously missing ALL of the marriages so like woo... next thing I know Nathan, Bryan, Alex, and JT will all be married before I get home!

If it is like me you just have to explain things really, really well. I just always refused to do anything that I did not get the point of or it did not benefit me in some way. I probably asked why to about everything and sometimes you really don't want to explain. However, take the time to explain step by step why you are going to do something and maybe I will see the need of it. You as the seller need to create the need for him to want to do something. That is the secret of getting anyone to do anything, including teaching the Gospel. If I do not create the need for someone to change their lives and listen to the Gospel they will never ever do it, because there is no need. 

I just had a pretty cool week so I will have to keep the descriptions short! 
1 Baptism on Saturday! It was super cool and she is named B and is the mom of a member that was resisting the church but finally gave in. She will be going to the temple in December (already signed up) and hopefully in a year can be sealed to her son and step daughter! Woo!

2 Mexican Independence Day! Super fun and I totally bought this super cool Mexican customized thing that I am so excited to show you. jajajaja It was fun and me and Herm Christensen totally got all super Mexicanized for the event!

3 Changes! I will be staying here for another change in the best weather in the mission! O thank goodness! I will be changing Hernandezes though because the Elder Hernandez that is my comp is leaving and I will be with the Elder Hernandez from Torrejon Mexico. He is actually the Assistant to the President right now so I am pretty excited to learn and have a lot of success together! Just kind of worried because it is starting to get really, really cold!

Alex is almost home and Bryan soon after that! I just have 5 changes left or 7 months! I have to get in gear because there is not enough time!
Elder Bigelow