Sunday, June 5, 2016

May 30, 2016

Another week, another awesome baptism! We are just rocking it right now and I feel so amazing jajaja. I really love this area so much. The weather is like perfect and the people are a little hard but rather nice and accepting. We have really been just crazy to be honest. 

Like every day we put all these plans and then head out. It never ever turns out the way we planned. Literally we are always doing service or anything else. But I can see all of the blessings from that because we have been able to have tons of new and really help them get to church and progress. I just love this work to be honest. 

I can say that being a ZL is super stressful and I am always worried about my zone and using my time to help their area, but I love it. I just really can get along with people. I really do feel like I help them and am really trying to put them first before my own desires. The Lord is blessing us for that because we have had so much success. 

I did have some crazy double dragon this last week though jajajaja. It means you are throwing up and having diarrhea at the same time. I really don't know what happened but in like one day I just got destroyed in my poor stomach. I had to do interviews and things that day so I went and worked like always but it was quite a few trips to the bathroom. I feel way better though so don't worry. I think I just ate something that did not fit well with my stomach. Sometimes that happens when you change regions or cities and it sometimes takes some time to change.

Today we went and visited a few waterfalls and things! It was way fun and I am so happy that we are having so many activities because I really feel like it helps the zone out, and it is a ton of fun! I took plenty of pics and even tried to scale a rock wall! It was pretty fun!

I am just so happy family! Time is passing so fast, every change is faster and faster. I am almost done... like literally that is how I feel because it is going way to fast. I just have to work until I finish because if not I will not have been able to finish the work that the Lord has given me here to do. 

Love you guys!
Elder Bigelow