Sunday, June 5, 2016

May 2, 2016

Please help the missionaries! I am going to get back home and baptize Z and A hahahaha I mean I will try because they are such great people!

This week was hard but really good. The heat like soared up to above 100 easy... I had kind of forgotten how terrible the summers are here. So me and mi hijo decided to buy some sweet hats to keep the sun out of our faces hahaha. It does not help with the humidity or heat but maybe I wont be that pink all the time! 

We worked really hard all week but it seemed like we were just not going to have success. Until the weekend, we found a few people and had a great day at church because 4 people made it there and we baptized! I am really excited to keep working here and I really, really want to stay here in Agua Dulce for at least another change. It is crazy but this change is almost over! I really cannot believe it. It just seems that the harder I work the harder the Lord makes it so that I learn hahaha but he lets us have success because this is his work and I love it. Sometimes I really feel like I lose sight of the fact that we have the Lord's help in all of this and it seems like I get lost in the work of well just working. But then something hits me hard and I have to humble myself and ask for more help. It always comes.

Today was pretty bomb we played with water balloons and played dodgeball! Then we went and ate for the birthday of my ZL Elder Villa. He is one of my best buddies in the mission and we always have a ton of fun! 

I love this work and I am hoping this next year goes by fast but is filled with all the things the Lord wants me to do! I testify this work is true and that this church is the only way that I can live with my family forever. That is why I am here. 

Love you guys so much!
Elder Bigelow

Another Arizona Missionary

Hats to protect