Sunday, July 3, 2016

June 27, 2016

Well mostly we just have some news about changes.
I will be getting a new companion named Elder Hernandez. Not sure where he is from to be honest but he has been a Zone Leader for 2 changes already. They say he is pretty cool so I hope he can help me run the zone in the way the Lord wants. I tried my best though and everyone I have talked to have said that I did a great job and really apreciated the love and support that we were giving and how we really tried to help in the zone. 
The rest of the missionaries that are coming to the zone are some good friends though so it should be a really fun time hahaha. That also includes Hermana Christenson! The missionary from our stake, I think she is named Maddie. I have been with her in Papantla and everything but now we are both going to be leaders and it should be fun to have someone from home again ahahhaa. We just talk way to much about home hahahaha.
I am loving the mission so much right now though because time is flying and I really feel so affective as a missionary. It is hard and everything but we are having lots of success recently and it has been way fun to meet so many people as a zone leader. Like I get to know the missionaries in my zone and find out why they are here and everything. I also get to know a ton of investigators and it is really fun and awesome to get to meet them!
We have been going around and saying goodbye to our converts today and also a few families that are awesome. I kinda forgot my camera like half of the time soooo yeah....
BUT we went back to Huitzila the town that is about 3 hours away from my area and we went to a river that seriously is Black River with a little more green haha. I was like woah! So don't worry, I also went to Black River to take pictures with a really cool family haha. 
Loving the mission but I am starting to miss you guys alot, and my friends a ton! 
Elder Bigelow