Sunday, August 7, 2016

July 18, 2016

Man the rodeo is small but it is so fun, I really miss that to be honest. Those awesome little weekend trips to places and doing some really fun things. 
Well my week was good. To be honest, I am really stressed because the zone is having a lot of problems work wise. The missionaries are really awesome and we are trying our best to help them but things are just not really falling into place. 
This week was better though because we focused on a meta of news in the zone. It seemed to help the missionaries focus more on their jobs not just walking. So, lots of the areas that were struggling found more people and many of them went to church. Just about 3 of the areas had problems. We have plenty of people in our area but sometimes repentance takes longer than we hope for. 
We have a super awesome family that I love so much. They have plenty of problems but are progressing. Sometimes they just don't make it to chruch or a few things. But we are progressing with them a ton. It will be my first baptism of a full family! Missing the Dad but they are G, the mom, C, the son, and L, the other son. They also have a little 4 year old daughter named M! Love them a ton.
Other than that everything is awesome! Time just keeps flying, to be honest 9 months is not even a blink of an eye at this point. That is just 6 transfers, honestly I am worried that it isn't enough. Sometime time drags on but to be honest most days fly by and we work really hard. Like I said before, right now in my mission is the most effective that I have been in a long time. 
I really do miss you guys though, it is starting to get to me that I am not home and that I am missing things. Not a lot so don't worry, but I started thinking that I do not even really remember the last 4th of July when I was at home jaja. Like I remember the one in the mission and then yeah. 
Love you guys so much and I really hope that everything is going well with all my brothers and such because they don't write me. jaja
Well everything else is good! I loved the bee tie but I already stained it.... :( 
Guess i have been really bad at taking pics because I have none from this week....
Elder Bigelow